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Why a custom built reclaimed wood dining table is better

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Why a custom built reclaimed wood dining table is better

A reclaimed wood dining table could be the perfect addition to your home. A beautifully created reclaimed wood kitchen table will not only provide an impressive visual impact, there are a number of other benefits that you can enjoy.

The eco friendly choice

One of the best benefits of dining tables made from reclaimed wood is that it’s an eco friendly choice. We all know the impact of over-forestation in today's world, and the devastating impact it has on our forests, woods and jungles. With greater awareness of our impact on the environment more and more people are considering looking to make more eco friendly choices. When you invest in a reclaimed wood kitchen table you are helping the environment by recycling old wood, which in turn prevents the need for further trees to be cut down. And not only does it reduce the amount of trees used for furniture production, but the timber used may otherwise have been burned or put into land-fill.

Rustic style

The rustic theme continues to be one of the most popular design trends year after year. If you are looking to add a touch of rustic class to your interiors a rustic dining table is the perfect way to create an authentic rustic theme. Reclaimed wood is full of character unlike off-the-shelf manufactured products. It is naturally aged with imperfections and indentations giving it a unique look that will leave a lasting impression on your interior. Get some ideas for your rustic theme interior here.

Strong and durable

A reclaimed wood dining table is a great addition to a busy family home due to its strength and durability, enabling it to stand the test of time. The wood has been seasoned over many (in some cases over 100) years. This makes it much denser and stronger than new wood, meaning the finished piece of furniture is more robust and durable. Tables made from reclaimed wood can be easily treated to bring out and enhance the natural character of the wood and create a stain-resistant surface, perfect for handling busy day to day life. A stained, varnished or painted finish can also be applied to the table if desired to provide an even harder wearing finish.

Unique character

The nature of reclaimed wood means that no two pieces are ever the same so your dining table will be an original masterpiece with its own unique history. Signs of a previous life such as nail holes, indentations and grainy patterns give reclaimed wood a certain charm that you just can’t create from newly manufactured timber. The unique look of the wood will bring character to your home or interior, and will no doubt become a talking point with your guests. Read more about the different places and uses that reclaimed wood comes from here.


Tables made from reclaimed wood can be paired with contemporary or farmhouse dining chairs, stools or benches to match the requirements of any space or interior. The rustic style of reclaimed wood contrasts beautifully with modern decor, and the versatility of a reclaimed wood dining table will make creating an impacting focal point to any room an enjoyable process.

At Country Life Furniture we have reclaimed wood farmhouse dining tables in a variety of styles and colours, so whatever you are looking for, you are certain to find the perfect addition to your home.