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How to keep your reclaimed wood dining table looking its best

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How to keep your reclaimed wood dining table looking its best

If you are considering a reclaimed wood dining table then you are making an excellent choice! Every Country Life reclaimed wood table is handcrafted allowing you to break away from the off-the-shelf product and opt for something eco-friendly and bespoke to you. All of our reclaimed wood tables are custom made, giving you freedom to choose the wood finish and paint colours to match the decor in your room.

Reclaimed wood dining table unique features

As our reclaimed wood dining tables are made from reclaimed timbers, each one will be one-of-a-kind with variations in shading, grain style and features such as knots and scuffs in the wood. Although all large holes are sympathetically filled so that the table still functions but it’s character remains, one of the greatest stylistic features of a reclaimed wood farmhouse dining table is it’s rustic charm.

Every reclaimed farmhouse table purchased from Country Life has been sealed before wax is applied to the top so that it will be resistant to marks and stains and look its best for years to come. However, although all of our reclaimed farmhouse tables are stain-resistant, here we have some tips for you to keep your furniture in great condition and the focal point of your room.

General care of your reclaimed wood table

As with all wooden furniture, sharp items such as keys could scratch the wood so be careful if placing them down on the table. Although some scuffs and marks will be a feature of your unique choice of table, you will want to limit these to keep it looking its best.

Equally, when you are moving your table take care not to knock or drop it. The legs can be removed from all of our reclaimed wood dining tables.

How sunlight and heat can affect your reclaimed wood dining table

It is a good idea to keep your dining table out of direct sunlight or close proximity to a radiator, and to use table mats when putting hot mugs or plates onto it, as heat can cause reclaimed wood to crack.

Sunlight can also change the colour of the wood, so it isn’t recommended to position your table close to a window, roof light or in a conservatory.

How to manage spillages on your reclaimed wood dining table

In a busy household, spillages are an inevitable part of life. Country Life dining tables have been built to be durable as well as stylish, so the stain-resistant treatment provided to all table tops will help to minimise the impact of any spillages. If liquid is spilt onto your table then mop it up as quickly as possible with a clean cloth and this should avoid any staining.

Wherever possible also use coasters on the table to avoid ring-marks and other stains from regular use as you would with all furniture.

Cleaning your reclaimed wood dining table

You should regularly dust your table with a soft cloth to keep it looking its best. Try to avoid using too many cleaning fluids on your table, especially silicone-based furniture polish, as this can mark the wood over time.

It is also a good idea to use a small brush for cleaning off crumbs and dust which may get into the nooks and crannies of your reclaimed timbers.

If you are interested in a reclaimed wood dining table for your next purchase, then take a look at our farmhouse tables collection where you will find a variety of styles and colours, providing the eco-friendly choice to anyone who desires beautiful handcrafted furniture without having a harmful impact on the planet.