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Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror Product Number: VIN149
Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror Product Number: VIN149
Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror
Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror
Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror
Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror

Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror


Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror


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Part of the Vintage Furniture Collection, our Ornate Thin Mirror is carved from solid wood and has a beautiful scrolled frame in gold. But its so much more than it first appears

  • 100cm wide Mirror
  • Solid quality mahogany wood
  • Carved ornate frame
  • Adds light and space
  • Can be hung landscape or portrait shape
  • Our Vintage Ornate Thin Mirror has a scroll-effect frame in gold to add extra luxury. It makes it attractive without going over the top like a Rococo piece. It's been carved from solid mahogany, so it is beautiful as well as strong.

    Any way up. Impressively sized at 100cm, you can have this mirror either landscape or portrait shape, to suit your home and your room. Have it in your lounge, dining room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. With so many great options, why not opt for more than one?

    Add light and space. It brings in extra light from outside - plus helps make a room feel more spacious too. Hang it opposite or alongside a window and it also reflects inside the natural beauty of the outdoors.

    This is a natural wood solid product and therefore will have unique patterns, grain variations, and occasional knots in the wood surface. This will not have any impact on durability, strength and integrity of the furniture.

    Wood lives on in the furniture and it breathes and moves over time so natural minor movements that may occur are totally natural.

    Following purchase aftercare -

    This product is made from natural wood and had been hand scrubbed to produce an authentic honest vintage look it therefore has no sealant on the surface.

    If you accidently spill something on the surface please use 1/3 bleach 1/3 water and 1/3 ecover detergent and  very gently scrub the surface with the grain and leave to dry over scrubbing may reveal the redder tones of the solid wood beneath. For everyday use  Wipe clean with damp cloth, this range is trying to reproduce historic furniture and thus in natural wood you will get surface scratches and marks from everyday use we hope you will love these the marks you create as a historic record of good honest furniture use. Any splits can be filled with matching colour bees wax. Excess heat, sunlight and dryness in an unventilated room can cause the wood to split so avoid placing your furniture close to heat sources use mats and coasters when placing hot drinks onto the surface to avoid ring marks.

    Data sheet

    Height 80cm
    Width 100cm
    Depth 4cm
    Mirror Height 60cm
    Mirror Width 80cm
    Type of Wood Mahogany