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The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table
The Burford farmhouse table with dark oak reclaimed top
The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table
The 'Burford' table

The 'Burford' table


We pride ourselves on building high quality tables and benches that will last a lifetime, each table top we make has been carefully designed by picking out the best of the old timber so that it's pleasing to the eye from whatever angle you look at it.
Our table tops will not stain from food or drink spills, and such marks will just wipe clean even days later.
All our chairs are made from superior hard wood and will not fall apart after only a few months but will last a lifetime.
Please view our showroom to see the quality for yourself


Light natural finish

Medium Rustic Pine

Dark Oak Finish

Whitewashed Finish

Prefer to spread the payment?

New 50% deposit option is available

Just let us know your requirements and we will send you a proforma invoice with the option to pay a deposit of 50% and the balance to be paid on completion

If you require a size that's not shown in the options above, or would just like some more information then you can always give us a call and we will be happy to help  

Tel - 01789 587638

The Burford table is a traditional style farmhouse table that can be fully customised to suit your needs.

Choose a size from just 3ft square up to a huge 10ft table and anything in between. 

If you don't know what colour you want yet then no problem, just put 'not sure yet' in the box where you enter your colour choice 

Table size guide 

3ft - 4 seater 

4ft - 4-6 seater 

5ft - 6 seater 

6ft - 6-8 seater 

7ft - 8 seater 

8ft - 8-10 seater 

9ft - 10 seater 

10ft - 10 - 12 seater 


  1. Removable Extensions: All Florence tables can be equipped with removable extensions, which add an extra 2ft to the length of the table. These extensions can be easily slotted into the ends of the table when needed and removed and stored away when not in use. The dimensions of each extension are 2ft long by the width of the chosen table, except for 3ft long tables where the extension length is 17" for balance purposes.

  2. Finish: The Florence table has a medium rustic finish, with character. 

  3. Surface Protection: The table tops are sealed with an invisible clear matt lacquer, providing stain resistance and durability. Then a clear beeswax is applied, further enhancing the table's resistance to stains and giving a beautiful depth and patina to the surface. With this protective treatment, you can easily wipe off red wine or coffee rings without leaving any marks.

  4. Delivery and Assembly: The table will be delivered with the legs detached to facilitate easy access to your kitchen or dining room. Attaching the legs is a straightforward process, and no tools are required. The legs come with bolts that have wingnuts, allowing for easy assembly.

  5. Dimensions: The Florence table has a height of 77cm to the top surface, providing a comfortable dining or working height. The legroom measures 62cm. However, if you require extra legroom, you can specify your preference, and the frame can be adjusted to provide a slightly shallower depth.



  1. Antique Cup Handle

  2. Decorative Cup Handle 

  3. Cast Iron Knob

  1. Drawers: If desired, drawers can be added to the table upon request. Each drawer would have a handle of your choice. The cost of adding a drawer is £150. The internal dimensions of the drawers are 30cm wide by 48cm in width.

  2. Showroom Visit: You are invited to visit the showroom, where you can personally view the Florence table as well as other available tables, chairs, and benches. This allows you to get a better sense of the options and make an informed decision.

  3. Bespoke Customization: The Florence table can be completely customized to meet your specific requirements. If you have any further questions or specific customization needs, please ask, as the table can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Delivery charges are as follows

England - £75

Wales - £75

Scotland - £125

Northern Ireland £250

However, you are more than welcome to collect yourself as the legs are detachable on most of the tables

The delivery time is approximately 8 to 10 weeks.